Clariant’s ‘Sense the Difference in performance, ecology and fashion’ theme also highlights its Autumn-Winter 2011-2012 leather color/texture trends for fashion and footwear and provides a preview of Spring-Summer 2012.

Their natural nappa and upholstery collections have been produced using specialty retanning and fatliquoring systems such as Tergotan PMB and Tergotan TSP. These intelligent polymer retanning agents deliver even softness, tightness and grain pattern. Tergotan PO-60, a new development from Clariant, is a true retanning and softening polymer that gives superb softness/tightness when used as a replacement for conventional retanning agents and fatliquors.

A full range of articles with a classical vegetable look and feel using the new fatliquors Derminol DDS and Derminol PUA will be presented. These products offer the tanner opportunities to produce beautiful veg-tan type articles with the simplicity and economy of traditional chrome leathers.

New finishing innovations in the NMP-free Aqualen topcoat range and new finishing techniques for upgrading low grade material using Melio Aquabase and Melio Ground systems will also feature.

Clariant continues to respond to the demands of the industry for more efficient products. The Aqualen topcoat range meets strict customer requirements without the use of phthalates, alkylphenolethoxylates, and NMP, and with very low VOC levels. Aqualen Top IL and Melio 09-T-42 are brand new developments. Aqualen Top IL provides an easy and effective intermediate lacquer for base coated leathers without the use of solvents. Melio 09-T-42 is an aqueous top coat for high gloss patent leather imitation.

For upgrading lower grade materials, Clariant will be showing the advantages of the upgrading and natural looks obtained with the prebase compound Melio Ground UP, and the development of Melio Aquabase M-90 to cover deep hide defects and is applied with a spatula.

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