Drink Fiorentino, Inside Suggestions, City Skipper, www.r&d and Nomad Escape are the five major fashion routes to follow for spring/summer 2007. With their directional seasonal statement, Clariant’s Leather Business will allow tanners to be one step ahead. Their stylish promotional kit is equipped with a multi-sensory CD-show, leather samples, pictures, trend and article descriptions with corresponding wet-end and finishing recipes. The package includes an eye-catching fashion poster as an extra bonus. All prototype articles are made exclusively by Italian stylists and will be presented during Clariant’s fashion shows and fairs around the world.

A multi-sensory experience has been developed to inspire and add more value to the final leather article. Clariant’s fashion trends create the moods for tomorrow with trendy three-dimensional effects, refined porcelain surfaces or waterproof leathers with nautical elements. Trends that surprise with precious materials, contrasting colours, innovative processing technologies and tricky finishing techniques are examples of the rich palette of ideas.

Recognising that all aspects of lifestyle are influenced by fashion moods, Clariant are extending their fashion activities on a worldwide level, to be as close as they can to the looks of tomorrow. Under the motto ‘Fashion up!’, these five different themes have been developed to find possible ways of dealing with contrasting styles. Professional photos help to interpret the trends and keep customers technically informed. The accompanying CD provides eye-catching information along with audio and animation clips. A supplementary fashion poster with the sensual experience of the leathers themselves is also included.

‘Fashion up!’ is not only a forward-looking trend adventure. Every issue should be a useful tool to integrate art into fashion and open new ways for the future.