Clariant welcome visitors to their stand at ACLE and offer best performance from wet end to finishing. They will highlight an innovative retanning system for full and soft chrome free leathers as well as their Clariant fashion service which looks at the latest leather trends and colours. This is published twice a year prior to the spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons.

They will also feature special wet end chemicals for supersoft leathers and profitable upgrading techniques for higher cutting yields. For the beamhouse there is Tergolix SL-01 and Tergolix DA-01 Liquid. These novel environmentally friendly products show strong degreasing properties, high emulsifying power during soaking, liming, deliming and tanning. Tergolix SL-01 and Tergolix DA-01 are biodegradable and absolutely nonylphenol ethoxylate free.

For retanning, Tanicor SCU Liquid is a new retanning syntan for chrome free leathers. This is a high quality synthetic tanning agent for chrome free leathers, in order to meet the required high standards in terms of physical and chemical properties. Tanicor SCU liquid is the main component of a wet-white retanning system. It is a self tanning agent in its own right and as such it helps to ensure a leather that has the maximum cutting area by preferentially filling out the empty areas whilst not detracting from the softness and overall good handle of the leather.

Tanicor PG Powder is a phenolic based retanning agent with an optimum balance between tanning and dispersing properties. This makes Tanicor PG an excellent retanning agent for all types of shoe upper leather with a tight grain and a round and mellow handle.

Tergotan TSP Liquid is a versatile retanning copolymer for all types of soft leathers. It can be used at different stages of retanning, depending on the effect desired. Main characteristics: excellent softness, tight/fine grain, no bleaching, soft and smooth handling, brilliant level dyeing, excellent uniform milling effect and outstanding light and heat fastness properties.

Fatliquors have been joined by Derminol ALE Liquid, a combination of synthetic esters and oils to give maximum softness and a lightweight feel over a wide range of leather types. The main benefits are very soft handle with high inner softness, tight/fine grain, round soft handle, very low specific weight, excellent heat and light fastness and no odour.

Also for the beamhouse, Tergolix W-01 Liquid is a blend of special anionic wetting agents for the soaking stage. Tergolix W-01 Liquid opens the fibre structure extremely well, especially on air-dried hides and skins which are difficult to soak. The hides processed with Tergolix W-01 liquid show a slight swelling at the end of the soaking, a higher water-uptake and better and faster removal of scud. After liming the pelts are more open and extremely clean.

Wet end dyes and dyeing auxiliaries feature Derma and Sandoderm Dyes which offer high fastness at best cost for perfect leather shades. These dyes are continuously being improved and cover the market demands for cost-effective, high quality dyes.

Two new members Sandoderm Deep Brown F and Sandoderm Black D offer intense shades with high fastness properties.

Sandoderm Deep Brown F solves the main problem when working with intense brown shades: to reach a shade with no greyish and dulling effect, combined with a high build up. With this new dye a deep and pure, neutral brown shade will be obtained. Sandoderm Deep Brown F shows excellent fastness properties.

Tanners often face a dichotomy in obtaining intense black dyeings with high fastness levels at reasonable cost. Until now, cheaper dyeings have resulted in lower fastness profiles. With Sandoderm Black D Clariant offer a cost effective dye with intensive shade and outstanding fastness properties.

Following a clear commitment to effective leather upgrading, Clariant will present their latest innovations in leather finishing. Ecology and economy, combined with fashionable and high performance aspects are the central objectives. Beside a wide display of current leather types, a fascinating fashion corner will be displayed. The whole collection is based on the latest upgrading technologies to create fashion styles and colours for the autumn-winter 2007-08 and spring-summer 2008 season.

Highlights will include environmentally friendly top coats, generating excellent touch combined with highest physical properties.

New glossy aqueous emulsion lacquer Melio EW-346 leaves no smell after finishing. It gives a natural aspect with a high, standing and transparent gloss; very high filling power and good physical characteristics.

Aqueous patent imitation, Aqualen Top LN.A has a high gloss finish for spray and RRC applications. New super soft, dull, aqueous topcoats for furniture are Aqualen Top DC-2043 (natural feel); Aqualen Top DC-2044 (natural waxy feel) and Aqualen Top DC-2045 (waxy feel). Benefits include no grain hardening after time and high rub fastness. Aqualen Top GC-2032 (natural feel) is a new super soft, glossy, aqueous top coat for furniture leathers.

The Clariant oils and wax ranges are joined by Bavon Oil WR-601, a modern waterproof pull up, and Bavon Wax WR-653. Both are for water-resistant pull up on water-resistant crust and offer excellent Maeser results. Melio 06-F-45 is an aqueous pull-up wax for Crazy Horse type leathers with excellent repolishability Profitable upgrading with Melio Aquabase offers a technique for filling the problem zones on crust showing scratches, pinholes and other damaged areas, which can be heavy. Products can be used as a prebase and are suitable for spatula and reverse roller coater applications. Especially indicated for reverse roller coater applications, Melio 06-U-55 and Melio 06-U-56 offer a universal combination to fill defects on a variety of articles. Melio 06-U-51 can also be used as a prebase for a wide range of leather articles.