EasyWhite Tan, their new wet-white tanning system, is based on Clariant’s Granofin Easy F-90 Liquid, an organic compound not based on chrome, phenols or aldehydes. More environmentally friendly, safer and simpler, it has major benefits for tanners, as it obviates adding salt during the tanning process as well as reducing the number of tanning stages.

Another wet end highlight is the new waterproofing agent Dermaphob WA-71, specially developed for high-performance waterproof shoe uppers and highly effective, even at low offers of application.

In Finishing, Clariant’s main focus is on eliminating and/or strongly reducing solvents, combined with the finest aesthetics and high performance: new Aqualen top coat systems, including Melio 09-W-66 and Aqualen Top GC-2033, generate a wet, pleasant feel combined with excellent wet rub-resistance.

Improved environmental performance is provided with Aqualen Top IL, which gives an easy and effective intermediate lacquer for base coated leathers. The new high gloss aqueous patent top coat Melio 09-T-42 is recognised as a breakthrough in water-based finishing systems.

Developments in Clariant’s Melio Aquabase upgrading range include Melio Aquabase M-90 for spatula applications and Melio Aquabase HF for use on rollercoating machines, both designed to cover deep defects in leather.

Clariant will also be presenting their new leather fashion trends for autumn/winter 2012-2013.