The cooperation between the two partners will bring considerable benefits to shoe makers and their suppliers. Shoe manufacturers and tanneries can be provided with information on colour and trends well in advance of the season. In the future all Clariant colour charts will include Modeurop specified colours. Thanks to Clariant’s international presence, Modeurop’s colour information will now reach the most important tanneries worldwide. Marga Indra-Heide, fashion consultant at Modeurop, comments on the cooperation agreement made in October 2009: ‘As a result of our partnership with Clariant, Modeurop colours have been elevated onto the prestigious global stage, adding an international dimension to our business.’ Clariant have years of expertise in colorants and chemicals for leather manufacturing.
Clariant’s leather chemicals lend the various shoe leather grades the properties that are highly valued by the industry and consumers, such as abrasion resistance, lightfastness, water repellency or tear strength. Within the scope of its worldwide Global Shoe Concept, Clariant already offers its customers from the shoe leather industry a world-established fashion trend forecast also interpreting colour previews, future trends and effects on leather.

‘The cooperation with Modeurop in the field of colours provides real added value for our customers in the shoe leather upper business, and is a further piece in the overall mosaic of our Global Shoe Concept’, explains Ralph Walter Schneider, Clariant’s head of PM Finishing.