Effective January 5, SVR Leathers (Hull) Ltd have sold their plant, machinery and business interests to Claytons. This is a transfer of a going-concern, judged as mutually beneficial by both parties. Steve Reynolds remains in charge of the contract finishing unit at the Beverley address and Claytons of Chesterfield take responsibility for all production activities. The arrangement is one of ‘business as usual’. All existing and previous customers of SVR and Claytons are advised that now the administrative burden has been taken from Reynolds, he will have much more time to concentrate on finishing leather.

From the Clayton perspective, taking-up the spare capacity that is available at SVR will allow product development and enable limited numbers of Clayton leathers to reach a number of target markets. These had previously been closed because the small-hand finishing facilities at Chesterfield are not capable of producing sufficient volume or consistency for a number of customers, by nature of the activity. The addition of Reynolds, with his vast experience, to the Clayton management team will help the company build competence within their own workforce and his technical ability will translate in training the younger staff to provide longevity for the company. Reynolds brings with him a deep knowledge of finishing light leathers, from upholstery to clothing and split. Claytons are proud of the new shape of the company and look forward to building on the foundations established.