Cleans UK Leathercleaner and Rejuvenator Kit has been developed in the UK by car valet businessman Paul Rylatt following years of trying to find the perfect leather cleaner.

‘It is always much better to use a product developed solely for cleaning leather instead of an all-purpose product and the foam, unlike liquid cleaner, lifts the dirt from within the grain of the leather’, Rylatt said.

Once the leather is clean, the Rejuvenator puts the glow back in by feeding the leather just like a moisturiser. The product is suitable for leather furniture, leather clothes, motorcyle leathers and car upholstery as well as luggage and riding tack.

‘The Leathercleaner and Rejuvenator works beautifully on any leather and it works exceptionally well on motorcycle leathers because it keeps the leather both clean and supple’, Rylatt added.

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