The CLIA point to the new tanning cluster being constructed in Fuxin, Lioning province of Northern China as an example of the type of tanning zone they are promoting. The Fuxin cluster so far has three or four new tanneries either planned or under construction including the new beamhouse plant for Shanghai Richina Leather. A new central effluent treatment plant is also under construction to cater for the tannery waste. The Lioning cluster is due to be fully operational by 2011 and is close to the shipping ports, which is ideal import and export of goods.
The CLIA spokesperson said that in the future it will be more difficult for tanners to obtain permits to build new plants and therefore the tanning clusters offer the best chance to a permit to be granted.
They also said that they expect the growth of new tannery construction in the country to slow in the future as they focus on improving the environmental performance of existing tanneries.