On May 1, labour day 40 years ago, Vasco Caciagli and Ivo Mancini left the Gozzini machine factory in Santa Croce to start up as small artisans. Since then CM SpA have developed into world renowned suppliers of top class tannery machines.

To mark the occasion, on Saturday, May 4, they celebrated their 40th anniversary by inviting their collaborators and their families as well as their close friends to a magnificent party.

Even after 40 years, CM still refer to themselves as artisans instead of the industrialists they actually are. That is the way Caciagli and Mancini have seen themselves ever since they started their workshop on May day 1962.

Despite this they have a large factory which they have occupied since 1982 and a workforce of 36 highly skilled collaborators, which others would regard as a fully fledged industry.

They look for quality in their production of fleshing, setting and sammying machines as well as their feed-through hydraulic presses of all sizes, which are exported worldwide. The care for detail is still their priority in the construction of their machines.

They have a very close relationship with their 36 collaborators, which includes Antonio and Federico Mancini, Enzo Melai and Domenico Del Priore.