Elections held during their general assembly in December by members of the Conseil National du Cuir and Semaine Internationale du Cuir were as follows:

The Conseil National du Cuir re-elected Paul Batigne, chairman of the Union de la Mégisserie Française (Union of French Tanneries) as chairman. Jean Pierre Fabre, chairman of the Fédération des Détaillants en Chaussures (French Shoe Retailers Federation) was elected treasurer and Raymond Sieffert, chairman of the Syndicat National des Matériels & Articles de Protection ‘SYNAMAP’ (National Federation of Protective Materials and other Articles) was re-elected as secretary.

For the Semaine Internationale du Cuir, Batigne was re-elected as chairman, Pierre Bonefant, chairman of the Syndicat Général des Cuirs et Peaux (Syndicate of Raw Hides & Skins), was elected as treasurer and Paul Rigaudy, chairman of the Fédération des Chambres Syndicales de la Ganterie de Peau de France (French Federation of Leather Glove-Making Associations) was re-elected as secretary.

The Conseil National du Cuir encompasses 20 national federations and syndicates of the French leather industry, representing production, processing, manufacturing and distribution of leather and leather articles. The Semaine Internationale du Cuir, which is directly linked to the Conseil National du Cuir, works with the Group SIC – dedicated to organising trade shows worldwide (Le Cuir A Paris in France, partner of APLF Ltd in Hong Kong).