At ACLE 2006, visitors to the Cognis stand will see leathers which meet the usual and also the most special requirements of tanneries. An international team will be assisting the customers to offer expert advice.

Cognis will be exhibiting a wide range of products from automotive and furniture upholstery, to doubleface, garment and shoe upper. Focused on environment-friendly technologies and fashion, Cognis will introduce innovative products, some of them being already produced in the Cognis plant of Jinshan, Shanghai.

Beamhouse auxiliaries include Garmin CTH, a special biocide which prevents bacterial attack with minimum usage amounts. In higher dosage usages, stopping activity converts to killing activity. With its special chemistry Garmin CTH acts especially on aerob and anaerob bacteria and prevents protein loss during soaking. Fast and long lasting bacteria activity is guaranteed during pre and main soaking.

Coratyl PN is a blend of special polyphosphates for universal usage from soaking, beamhouse, pickle-tannage through retannage. It reduces the negative impact of cations on leather processing and improves penetration and efficiency of auxiliaries used in the wet-end. In addition Coratyl PN helps lime suspension during liming and is also suitable for use in the pickle process.

Foryl BE/C is a non ionic degreasing agent, easily biodegradable, ethoxylated nonylphenol free, suitable for all kind of skins and hides. On bovine hides it is advisable during deliming, bating and tanning processes, while for pig and sheepskins is recommended during the pickling process and before chrome tanning. It has high emulsifying power of natural fat, and high degreasing effectiveness on pig and sheepskins.

Foryl VLC 3 is a new degreasing agent based on alkylpolyglycol-ethers, easily biodegradable, nonylphenol free and organic solvent free. From an environmental protection point of view, the product is considered to be an example of new solutions given for the best available degreasing technology. It can be used for degreasing of all kind of skins and hides but especially for sheepskins such as English, French and Spanish.

Retanning agents include Trianol USP, a new fatty polymer, used as a retanning agent and as a fatliquor where exceptional softness, good touch and at the same time good fullness are required. Especially recommended for furniture, garment and softy upper leather. Instead of the typical dry or unpleasant feel of usual fatty polymers, the new Trianol USP gives a rich, spongy and pleasant touch. It performs well in embossing.

Pellasan C 26 is a synthetic sulfited fatliquoring-retanning agent, with low fogging performance, for application together with synthetic tanning agents. It provides an homogenous grain tightness, especially to milled leathers, with high light and heat fastness. The product has a mild neutralizing power.

Grassan R2 is a fatliquoring preparation based on sulfited fish oil for all types of soft leathers, such as furniture upholstery, softy shoe upper leather (grain or split leather) or leathergoods. Very high degree of softness, good penetration, uniform distribution within the leather, typical silky touch, stable to main common electrolytes.

Pellasan SOL is a blend of selected natural oils and natural based sulphoesters. Fluffy-round and adequate softness properties provide softness without imparting any looseness even after milling. Remarkable velvet/silky like surface feel on full grain as well as buffed and suede applications with extraordinary writing effect.

Sirial LA synthetic sulfited esters and sulphoesters provide a new approach for coloured and white leather production of all leather types. Excellent softness properties are obtained without the necessity of natural based sulfited fatliquors to provide a silky pleasant touch. Extraordinary lightness properties enable a variety of applications. Fine grain and suede nap with brilliant dyeing is provided. Ageing performance of finished leather is gained on all colour shades by high performing radical scavengers.

Pellasan LFG is a fatliquor based on synthetic sulfited oils, fishoil free, suitable for car upholstery with high softness and low fogging. Thanks to its high emulsion stability, it can be used in different steps of leather processing such as in the pickle, tanning or main fatliquoring, offering more freedom to the tanner.

Trianol WS is a special washing and lubricating agent. Brilliance, writing effect and pleasant touch are obtained by the rinsing operation as well as additional use in the fatliquoring process. The product imparts excellent cleaning, distribution of natural grease and/or fatliquors used. Highly recommended as an auxiliary with good lubricating properties for all types of leathers such as upper, garment and doubleface.

Waterproofing agent Pellasan HM5 is based on complex active substances, stepped up with special silicones. Excellent results of waterproofness on Bally penetrometer and Maeser tests. It improves the grain tightness, and is specially useful for shoe upper leather.

Pellupur MP3 is a multi-functional post-tanning auxiliary, a blend of special and strongly penetrating, buffering and replacement properties. It provides value added leather production for all leather types. A controlled neutralisation and buffering can be carried out as can a fast reacting short timing of surface dyeings. MP3 also provides excellent dyeing penetration and equalisation properties as well as improvement of dye exhaustion with brilliant, shiny and dark colour shades. It has excellent heat and lightfastness properties which are contained in one unique product.

Pellupur MP3 provides user friendly compact systems such as chrome retannage and neutralisation, dyeing and fatliquoring processes.

Two base coats will be highlighted on the Cognis stand. Fondocryl 450 is an acrylic-urethane copolymer emulsion for all kinds of articles when high fastnesses are required. The film is medium hard and the product has very good embossability and high flex resistance. The covering power is excellent and cold resistance is very low.

Fondoflex C 505 is an aliphatic polyurethane aqueous dispersion used in the base coat when very high flexometric performances are required of the finish film. It is especially recommended for furniture and car upholstery, as well as split or corrected grain shoe upper leather.

Stand F29, Hall W2