The second phase, which is due to be completed next February will see production capacity rise to 28,000 pieces daily. After the accomplishment of new factory, Colomer Moda, a joint venture between Henan Prosper and Colomer Group will provide leather articles and service to customers all over the world.
Since the establishment of the joint venture between Henan Prosper and Colomer Group in October 2008, the Colomer Moda project has been progressing smoothly. With the knowledge and skills from Henan Prosper from China, the world’s largest wool–on tannery and the Spanish Colomer Group, recognised as a leader in ovine leathers with over 200 years of experience.
Colomer Moda’s leather production will feature a wide range of garment, footwear, gloving and leathergoods leathers, which include nappa, nubuck, suede, skivers and doubleface. With the combined development capacity of Colomer Moda, various types of special leather effects will also be offered such as embossed, cut, film transfers, prints and so on.
Colomer Moda’s international network of raw material sourcing and extensive marketing presence in over 28 countries will, they hope, enable them to have a leading position in the leather industry.