The challenge for modern, innovative lining leather, for instance, is to prevent the dye from bleeding and causing stains, while at the same time retaining the leather’s breathability. Only in this way can customers be guaranteed a high level of comfort without being restricted in their choice of colours. The patented Lugafast Colorlock system by BASF now allows the full range of colours with outstanding wet fastness, resistance to perspiration and rubbing to be obtained, but it also ensures a high level of permeability to water vapour. Any colour is possible, no matter whether the leather has been waterproofed or not, whether it is full-grain or buffed, whether it is subsequently printed, perforated or combined with other materials. Even the use of suede splits for the insole now poses no problems. This innovation is the result of dyeing leather with reactive dyes that bond firmly and irreversibly with the leather fibre (Colorlock).
The example shown underlines the advantages of the Lugafast Colorlock system. The technology provides leather with high perspiration resistance which ensures that the customer’s most stringent demands are satisfied. Another crucial advantage of BASF’s Lugafast Colorlock system is that it can be applied to both chrome-tanned leathers and chrome-free leathers due to the new dye fixation mechanism. With the Lugafast Colorlock technology it is now possible for insole, nubuck, lining and suede leathers to combine fashion and design with outstanding comfort.