Elegant and individual, eccentric and original
Rich dark and precious, both materials and decorative workmanship create objects that are mysterious and resonant with significance. Refined collectors create their own gallery of highly personalised ingredients.
The aesthetics of exotic cultures, interpreted by design, evolve into contemporary objects of desire. Luxury is expressed as a unique signature element.
This range features exotic prints, rich nubuck surfaces like velvet, dark oxidised metallic lustre, random gold leaf treatments.
Research and virtuosity, the capacity to maintain the equilibrium between refined minimalism and baroque excess. Small touches, unexpected and eccentric, arise from the materials themselves in the quest for the beauty of abundance
Jungle Jazz
Contemporary, urban, and highly mobile
Intensely active, both mentally and physically. Strong modern design translates into functional cool, recklessly in control, with thick, rough, durable surfaces that bear the signs of rigorous use. Techno combined with raw naturals, extreme and casual individualism.
Expression and manifestation. Beauty that is rough and percussive, an instrument of communication. Young, strong, vital and urban.
Contradiction and intention. Beauty that is irregular, asymmetric, discordant, and unbeautiful, with a dense handle, heavy and flexible.
Hammered effects, abrasion or corrosion create repeated patterns, lava, asphalt, bitumen, random abstract etching and fine circular sanding.