At the recent All China Leather Exhibition in Shanghai, the number of local Chinese manufacturers producing their own leather making machinery increases year on year.

During the fair this year there were a number of pieces of equipment that looked as if they had been just taken off a European manufacturer’s stand at Tanning Tech.

Several versions of tanning and milling drums were seen along with splitting, dedusting, and ironing and embossing equipment. An indication of the types of equipment on display can be seen in the photographic round-up below.

Enterprising Chinese companies have taken advantage of the growing domestic tanning industry and now produce most of the simpler pieces of equipment themselves. Clearly, they are able to compete on price and delivery within China compared with most other machinery that is manufactured in Italy, Spain, the US or Germany.

The traditional non-Chinese manufacturers claim that their machinery is made from higher quality materials and specifications, they offer a higher standard of after sales support to customers and lead the market in new equipment innovation.

Whatever the outcome, the tanner now has more of a choice than ever before when specifying new machinery and equipment for their factory.