Non-compliance with the order will result in a daily fine of R$50,000 (Brazilian Reais) equivalent to $24,200 until the court’s orders are carried out.

The injunction, issued by Judge Sergio Divino Carvalho was served to representatives of Greenpeace on June 13. The court’s decision comes less than a week after JBS identified a number of serious flaws in a document published by the NGO.

Last week, Greenpeace acknowledged during interviews with the local press in Brazil that the report issued against JBS contained serious errors. Pushed by members of the Brazilian press, Greenpeace was forced to admit that the information defaming the work of JBS was erroneous.

JBS reaffirms its commitment towards advancing initiatives in the social and environmental field and is always open to dialogue with a view towards building an economically feasible society, which is environmentally correct with social justice.