CPS Color BV have successfully completed the take-over of the Akzo Nobel factory in Sneek. Financial details were not disclosed.

The take-over proceedings began in February when CPS Color signed a letter of intent to take over the Akzo Nobel factory. The agreement allows for both parties to benefit through a closer relationship between them.

‘By establishing a third production unit in Europe, we will be able to further develop our high level of service to our customers’, says Toine Peters, executive vice-president, sales and marketing. ‘The added value that CPS Color can give to their customers – also outside the paint and coatings industry – requires our consistent attention.’

CPS Color will not only take over the factory but also all the personnel involved.

According to Toine Peters: ‘The personnel is a crucial factor in this deal.’ He adds: ‘The specific knowledge and skills of the Sneek employees form a substantial contribution to our company.’