CTC, the leading global resource providing quality assurance for the footwear and leathergoods industries, has officially launched its CTC client campaign. The goal is to establish client loyalty, by creating the group’s first International Network.

This programme allows international customers to communicate on their quality assurance programme, backed up by the guarantee offered by CTC expertise and its network of international subsidiaries and accredited laboratories, inspection facilities and R&D platforms.

The campaign hinges on several elements:

* CTC client logo will be used by clients for their promotional and PR activities

* The Official CTC Network Membership Certificate will be sent out each year

* A series of CTC client labels will also be sent out to aid member companies in regards to their own customers (trade fairs, show rooms…)

* CTC International Newsletter informs readers of international news and on the group’s activities, notably the advances in terms of R&D in various fields such as traceability, comfort, environment, industrialisation and standardisation.

Thousands of customers have taken out membership and supported this operation allowing CTC to consolidate its position as the international leader in the field.