CTC, a leading global resource providing quality assurance solutions for the footwear and leathergoods industries, has expanded its professional network and CTC-Asia is now a member of two new professional associations: HKHLTA, The Hong Kong Hide & Leather Traders’ Association Ltd (www.leatherassn.com) which brings together the tanners and leather wholesalers of Hong Kong; and HKTIC, The Hong Kong Testing, Inspection and Certification Ltd (www.hktic.org) which covers quality assurance professionals (laboratory testing, inspections, audits).

Since its launch in 1996 CTC Asia, a joint venture between CTC and its American partner STR, has multiplied its partnerships with Hong Kong’s professional associations, by being an active member of these main organisations: HKGT, the Association of Hong Kong Gloves Traders Ltd; HKLSASMMAL, the Hong Kong Leather Shoe and Shoe Material Merchants Association Ltd; and HKRFA, the Hong Kong Footwear Association Ltd.

CTC Asia provides laboratory testing for leather shoes, accessories, gloves and bags, as well as chemical analysis for textiles, plastics, and leather, finished-product inspections, and performance analyses. These services assure optimum quality and have come to be trusted worldwide.