The award was created to encourage ingenuity and creativity in Italian businesses and to foster an innovative mentality. Giancarlo Dani, CEO of the Arzignano tanning group says, ‘It was a unique thrill to receive this award from the hands of the President of the Republic. Acknowledgement of the efforts made to grow the company thanks to pioneering projects, especially in the environmental protection field, and the importance of being Made In Italy. At times it looked like we were going against the trend and refusing to relocate, but the decision to take full advantage of the synergies in the Vicenza tanning district have rewarded us. Let’s not forget, in fact, that Arzignano accounts for a third of Europe’s leather production’.

With a sixty-year history, Dani Group is a supplier of leather for a number of sectors including furniture and automotive upholstery, footwear and leather goods. They were also the first company in the leather industry to pass the Product Carbon Footprint inspection and obtain ISO 14067 CD2 certification.