Last month we reviewed a number of new products which are available from Zschimmer & Schwartz. Here are a further two:

Dolatan LPE is a basification agent for high-exhaust chrome tanning. It is a combination of inorganic basification agents with reactive complex formers. It is a light brown powder with around 100% active matter and can be stored for up to twelve months when kept cool and dry.

The use of reactive complex formers causes a better fixation of the chrome tanning agent in the pelt. Due to the buffering effect, the pH rises relatively slowly during the basification. Therefore Dolatan LPE provides the following advantages: almost complete exhaustion of the chrome tanning agent; fine grain pattern; even dyeing; better fullness in the belly area.

Prinol CRC is an ester sulfonate prefatliquoring agent for automotive leather whereby emission values such as fogging, VOC and FOG are considerably improved. It is an anionic dark brown, clear liquid with 50% active matter and a pH (10%) of around 7.

It has excellent stability to all electrolytes and is readily soluble in cold water. It can be stored for up to twelve months under the correct conditions and should by mixed thoroughly before use.

Prinol CRC is outstandingly stable to electrolytes and it is, therefore, possible to apply the product under extreme pH conditions of below 2. Due to the relatively high content of special emulsifiers, there are further advantages such as accelerated, more even absorption of all chemicals in the pickle and in the tannage.