Horween Leather Company have begun a unique collaboration with Canada’s oldest tannery, Dominion Tanners of Winnipeg. The two companies recently completed an agreement which will allow Horween Leather to produce Dominion’s full line of shoe, boot and speciality leathers. The transfer of technology began this spring and, with the help of Dominion staff, Horween Leather have begun to run initial trials of Dominion leathers.

As the oldest tannery in Canada, Dominion Tanners share a rich tradition similar to that of Horween Leather. Founded in 1932, during the depression years, Dominion have always been committed to producing the finest quality leather available. ‘We are very pleased with the arrangement with Horween Leather Company, a quality leather tanner’, stated Ted Dunsford, president and CEO of Dominion Tanners. ‘We strongly believe that they will do an exemplary job at maintaining the integrity of the Dominion products that we have so proudly produced over the past 70 years.’

Horween Leather Company, a fourth generation family-owned business, were founded in 1905 by Isadore Horween and, over the decades, have continued to offer an unparalleled blend of quality and consistency in their leather products. ‘We’re excited about the prospect of broadening our line to include products from a company whose name and reputation have stood for quality leather’, said Skip Horween, president of Horween Leather Company. ‘As part of our long-term commitment to the leather industry and to tanning and finishing in North America, this new affiliation is a natural fit.’

Dominion, Canada, announced recently that they planned to close their tannery and intended concentrating on leather finishing at their Winnipeg plant. Around half their workers have been laid off.