Dow will increase off-schedule prices for butyl acrylate, 2-ethylhexyl acrylate, ethyl acrylate, methyl acrylate, and glacial acrylic acid globally as follows: in North America by US$0.04 per pound; in Asia Pacific by US$90 per metric ton; in Middle East/Africa by US$90 per metric ton; in Latin America by US$90 per metric ton; in Europe by 60 Euros per metric ton.

Dow are one of the world’s largest participants in the acrylic acid and esters (acrylic monomers or acrylates) marketplace, with a complete portfolio of acrylate materials that provide selection, quality and consistency for a wide range of applications. Acrylic monomers are used in dispersions and emulsions for adhesives, coatings, inks, woven and non-woven textiles, plastics and polymers and superabsorbent products.