Italian drum and automation specialists Pajusco Tecnologie are enjoying continued success with their new Inoxmill stainless steel tannery drum. The drum was remodelled in 2002 and, since the relaunch, the company have already sold 21 drums. In comparison, the company only managed to sell, in total, six of the former model. ‘The quality of the drum has been vastly improved and we’re seeing lots of interest’, explains Olimpio Storti, sales manager. ‘The drum is completely automatic and all the problems from the previous machine have been solved. And the cost is lower than one of our competitors who are producing the same drum.

‘Business is good for us at the moment and our orders are full for the next four months’, Storti continues. ‘However, transportation costs are high, around 10% of the cost of the drum to countries such as China, and then we have to pay for specialist installers to mount the drums. Competition is also strong, with many companies offering lower prices and flexible payment methods such as ‘buy now, pay next year’. In countries such as China, the price for a similar drum is almost half, so we have to sell on the basis that we are offering exceptional quality and technology. We are also the only company that offer an eight-year guarantee on our wood. The wood is left outside in the rain, sun and snow for around two years so that it weathers and matures properly before production begins.’

‘Quality for us is the most important aspect’, he adds. ‘Our customers understand this and that is why are orders are full. We are the only company offering such guarantees on our drums and therefore our customers are relaxed.’

The company are also currently working on improving the automation system for one of their tanning drums. ‘We started working on this about a year ago and we hope to unveil the new system at Tanning Tech this year’, explains Storti.

Pajusco will exhibit at just three exhibitions this year: Leather Days in Istanbul, ACLE in China and Tanning Tech in Italy. ‘We’ve decided not to attend APLF this year’, explains Storti. ‘We’re trying a different strategy by using the money to go and visit our customers directly. Asia is our biggest market with key clients in South Korea, Japan and China, and we are soon to visit our customers in Australia.’ The company export around 85% of their products, with 15% remaining mainly in the Arzignano area.