DuPont global market manager Jeroen Jacobs made a presentation on the benefits of his company’s Teflon leather protector during this year’s ACLE in Shanghai, China.

Jacobs explained that DuPont are the world leaders in fabric and leather protection, with around 175 million Teflon hand bags sold in 2003.

He added that Teflon is already a brand recognised around the world. Around 98% of today’s consumers are aware of the Teflon brand and its innovation to make life easier.

In a survey carried out in the US, almost twice as many people ranked ‘ease of care’ as a key characteristic over ‘value for money’ when making a clothing decision (51% vs 28%). Around 50% of the women surveyed agreed that purchasing an article incorporating Teflon meant easier care.

In addition, 44% of consumers said they were willing to pay more for ‘easy care’ benefits in everyday clothes. When asked specifically about purchasing clothing incorporating Teflon, over 85% indicated that they would be willing to spend an additional 5-15% more for a garment.

For the future, DuPont strategy includes strengthening and expanding their global leadership position in leather protection; leveraging other successes with their Teflon brand; further combining their range of tannery applied and after-care offerings; and introducing ‘real easy care’ for leather.

DuPont, and their marketing division Invista, offer the widest range of leather protection products for both tannery and consumer after-care. DuPont work with key regional service partners to provide tanneries with products and technical support to reduce stain and soiling and improve processing efficiencies.

Through in-depth research and development, Jacobs explained that DuPont aim to deliver innovative platforms to drive forward new business and believe that their continuous product improvements drive higher consumer satisfaction.

The companies will be exhibiting their Teflon articles as well as their full range of leather protection products at the exhibition.

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