On March 14, Bloomberg and other media outlets ran a story stating that DuPont will be ‘replacing PFOA’ used to make Teflon coatings and other products. This story is a misinterpretation of the information we shared with Bloomberg regarding new technology to reduce residual amounts of PFOA in flouropolymer dispersions. We have contacted Bloomberg and other media to clarify our plans, as well as to distinguish between fluoropolymers and fluorotelomers, the product you purchase from DuPont.

PFOA is a necessary processing aid for fluoropolymers. We are not replacing PFOA in fluoropolymers dispersions; we are reducing its content. PFOA is not used to manufacturer fluorotelomer products. PFOA may, however, be found as an unintended processing byproduct at trace levels in some DuPont fluorotelomer-based products.

Because PFOA persists in the environment, DuPont are voluntarily reducing potential sources of exposure wherever they can. As part of their ongoing product stewardship efforts, they have taken significant steps to minimise manufacturing emissions and exposures to PFOA. Over the past five years, they have reduced emissions of PFOA from their US fluoropolymer operations by 98% and have designed systems that capture and recycle or destroy PFOA. Global emissions have been reduced by 90%.

They have also developed technology that will essentially eliminate PFOA and impurities that may form PFOA from DuPont fluorotelomer products. By 2006, the trace level of PFOA in fluorotelomer endues products, which already can only be measured by sophisticated analytical techniques, will be reduced a further 85% approximately.