French machinery makers, Turner, have produced a new ‘dust free’ buffing machine called Fulminosa. The machine is available with four working widths from 1500 to 3200mm.

It can be used on all types of leather from kid skin to full hide upholstery and vegetable tanned pieces. Following the buffing/dedusting operations Fulminosa is fitted with a conveyor belt to transport the leather to the next operation.

The conveyor can be set for throughfeed or return settings for more than one pass.

Following buffing, the hides or skins are dedusted and waste materials sucked away using compressed air. The waste dust is then collected, compacted and filtered to minimise air contamination. Turner’s dedusting machine is called the 661B.

Fulminosa has a buffing cylinder with a large diameter, one foam rubber carrier roller and one brush cylinder located under the carrier roller and another under the buffing cylinder that rotates in the opposite direction. The machine operates hydraulically.