Statistics Estonia reports that the number of cattle on farms in Estonia on March 31 this year was 258,800, as compared with 257,900 on the same date in 2005.

The Bukhara region in Uzbekistan plans to increase the total number of cattle on its farms from the current 25,000 head to 526,000 head, according to the Uza news agency. The increase in cattle numbers is envisaged in a development plan for local livestock production covering the 2006-2010 period. Commercial banks will provide funding totalling UZS1.8 billion (USD1.57 million) to support the programme.

Uzbek and Pakistani officials agreed to expand bilateral co-operation in the livestock breeding sector at talks held in Tashkent in late April, according to UzReport.

Turkmenistan’s National Statistics Institute reports that there was a total of 2 million head of cattle on farms in Turkmenistan on April 1 this year, 3 per cent more than on the same date in 2005.