Following their strong commitment to always be ‘one shoe step ahead’, Clariant forecasts the autumn/winter 2011/2012 seasonal leather trends with an eye-catching new fashion collection. Clariant’s contributions to a greener world, by eliminating salt during tanning or developing NMP-free topcoats for example, will also be featured. From Wet End through to Finishing, the following highlights will be among the exciting innovations presented at the ACLE 2010.

Wet-end developments

Clariant continues to use leading edge technology in order to provide chemicals that meet today’s requirements for ecological, innovative and aesthetically pleasing leathers, while giving the tanner maximum added value and process simplicity.

Chrome-free leathers

Clariant introduces a step-change innovation in tanning with the forthcoming launch of a new technology that generates a leaner, faster and cleaner process than ever before. The process does not require a pickle stage and therefore eliminates the need for salt. This provides a more environmentally friendly and safer tanning process for a wide range of leather types such as shoe upper, hand bags, suede, automotive, garment, etc.

Nappa and sofa collections

Clariant offers Natural Nappa and Superb Sofa collections produced using its specialty retanning and fatliquoring systems, Tergotan PMB and Tergotan TSP. These intelligent polymer retanning agents deliver even softness, tightness and grain pattern. Tergotan
PO-60, a brand new development from Clariant, is a true retanning and softening polymer that gives superb softness / tightness when used as a replacement for conventional retanning agents and fatliquors. On a phenol and formaldehyde free basis, it can meet even the toughest ecological legislation. In combination with Clariant’s specialty fatliquoring systems featuring the new Derminol SO-31, a highly softening synthetic fatliquor, Clariant can offer total solutions for all nappa and sofa requirements.

Vegetable look and handling from chrome and chrome free substrates. To meet current market trends for vegetable type leathers Clariant presents a full range of new articles with that classical vegetable look and feel using our new specialty fatliquors: Derminol DDS and Derminol PUA. These products along with innovative processing techniques offer the tanner the opportunities to produce beautiful vegetable type articles with the simplicity and economy of traditional chrome leathers.

Finishing innovations

Clariant’s innovations for the topcoat market have been leading the way in offering NMP-free products that also improve aesthetics and physical performance. Clariant’s Aqualen topcoat range meets strict customer requirements without the use of Phthalates, Alkylphenolethoxylates, and NMP, and with very low VOC levels. These benefits support Finishers’ efforts to comply with current and future market specifications.

Clariant’s new topcoat system based on Aqualen Top DC-2050.B (dull) and Aqualen Top GC-2051.A (gloss) is a brand new development especially for soft leathers such as furniture leather or shoe upper nappas.

Both products can be mixed in any ratio in order to adjust the desired level of gloss or dullness. Common to both products and therefore the whole system is the very elegant optic achieved as a result of the softness, very high resistance to rubbing and flexing, no hardening even after long period of time, and a very natural appearance and pleasant feel.

Aqualen Top IL

To support the market’s drive for greater environmental care and trouble-free embossing and milling, Clariant’s new aqueous Aqualen Top IL provides an easy and effective intermediate lacquer for base coated leathers without the use of solvents.

Performing similarly to commonly-used emulsion lacquers in terms of plate release milling behavior, Aqualen Top IL only needs to be diluted with water before it is ready to be used as a substitute for intermediate coats based on nitro cellulose emulsion lacquers.

Elegant upgrading

Elegant upgrading continues to play an important role in today’s leather manufacture. The importance of cutting yield and increased profitability are still at the forefront of Clariant’s finishing developments. As one of the market leaders in specialty chemicals and in upgrading technologies, Clariant offers its customers complete tailor-made solutions with real benefits.

Finishing techniques for upgrading using Melio® Aquabase and Melio Ground systems provide solutions for the low grade raw materials currently available and meet the current requirements of the market. In particular, customers can take advantage of the outstanding upgrading and natural looks obtained with Clariant’s highly innovative cationic prebase compound Melio Ground UP.

Melio Aquabase technique – to cover hide defects

This new innovative development is used to cover deep defects, in order to make them invisible after finishing. Melio Aquabase M-90 is applied by hand with a spatula. The application is extremely simple due to its special composition which allows application without drying too quickly and enables buffing without smearing. Melio Aquabase M-90 is suitable for a wide range of leathers, including automotive, shoe upper and upholstery leathers.

Beautiful rich wax effects and versatility for both shoe and upholstery styles. Clariant offers a new water-based wax with excellent burnishability along with high gloss and a natural waxy touch that make it suitable for both shoe and upholstery leathers. Clariant’s new Melio 06-F-88 gives versatility and ease of use to the finisher.

Two new developments complement Clariant’s already outstanding aqueous topcoat systems. Melio WF-5238, a highly concentrated silicone with a luxurious smooth feel which also improves physical properties of aqueous topcoats, and Melio WF-5243, an additive with a natural pleasant feel and the ‘wet touch’ which now features strongly in customer requirements.

Supronil HK dyes

Discover Clariant’s very well established Supronil HK range, a complete range of versatile colors suited to today’s fashion demands.