CTC, the French leather and footwear industry research institute in Lyon, are to build a new workshop which will provide a European Leather and Footwear campus.

It will offer a workshop where young creators and designers of footwear and leathergoods can go to produce their own prototypes.

While many educational establishments have workshop premises, they are under utilised and lack the specialist equipment necessary for today’s competitive and highly technical world. The new premises will bring students, researchers and designers together under one roof and will service all schools/colleges. It is expected to open in Lyon in October or November this year.

Not only will it be unique in Europe but it will offer a harmonious setting for new talent to further their skills.

There will be facilities for dyeing and printing of leather and textiles and other materials. There will also be new machines for components and soles etc as well as CAD/CAM equipment.

According to Marc Folashier, the workshop will provide the facilities to take the manufacturing process from raw hide to shoe box.

He believes that Lyon is an ideal location due to the geographic concentration of organisations devoted to fashion and leather manufactured goods in the area.