EXP 3015 has been developed for application in a compact process; it is suitable for use in all processes which require soft and full leather with brilliant dyeing properties.

Besides high stability, the product provides improved light and heat fastnesses. EXP 3015 replaces traditional neutralisation and fatliquoring methods, achieving a considerable saving in processing times and water consumption.

Soft Fog L is a natural synthetic car upholstery fatliquor which is fish-oil free. The product is designed to achieve extremely low fogging results.

It provides the leather with good softness properties, a silky and full handle, good buffing properties and excellent light and heat fastness.

Soft LS 58 is a fatliquor with high softening power. It is composed of selected raw materials that assure high performance and optimum quality of articles produced with it.

Soft LS 58 gives outstanding results when used in production of very soft items and gives a pleasant handle to the leather. Soft LS 58 has been developed for production of upholstery and garment leather. It is compatible with both anionic and non-ionic products.

Soft GG is a combination of special ester with synthetic and natural oils. It is a high quality fatliquor which gives maximum softness with minimum use of fat. Soft GG is a fat which penetrates in depth without causing looseness in the grain and imparts an exceptional lightweight feel and a fine grain to the leather. It gives a typical fullness and silky texture which buffs well. The product improves crease resistance and is suitable for soft and tight upper or bag leathers.