Fashion Access (FA) is the largest trade fair in Asia for handbags, footwear, travelware, leather garments and fashion accessories. The fair encompasses a diverse range of products and explores the design, colour and material trends developing for Spring/Summer 2007.

The event is staged at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre on 4-6 October, 2006.

Over 480 exhibitors, from all over the world, will show handbags, footwear, travelware, leather garments and fashion accessories in an array of colours, fabrics, materials and price points. Footwear features prominently on the stands of exhibitors from China, Hong Kong, France, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Spain and Thailand. Handbags buyers should not miss key suppliers from around 20 countries, for their highly competitive products.

Building upon its success in promoting high fashion items, Fashion Access continues to feature Top Style Hall. This Hall is exclusively for high fashion buyers and entry is by invitation only. Inside, buyers can view a selection of top-line dress shoes, handbags and leather goods from Spain. Many of the products on display will be available for relatively small volume orders making them of particular interest to upper-end boutique buyers.

A visit to Fashion Access should not be just about viewing collections. Being the largest international trade fair for handbags, footwear, leather garments and fashion accessories in Asia, it is also a chance to catch up on the latest industry developments and gossip.

For example, at Fashion Trends Lounge, buyers can view the hottest colour trends and directions of Fall/Winter 2007-08 in association with the Comité Français de la Couleur. Key pieces from a whole range of exhibitors will be on display at the Lounge, aiding buyers to catch the trend of Spring/ Summer 2007 precisely. The seminar programme of Fashion Access has once again been designed for retailers and buyers by offering the latest necessary information on trends and trade.

The tradition of holding the ‘Best of APLF’ awards will be continued. These awards recognise excellence of design, quality and innovation among exhibitors. They underscore the importance of good design, uncompromising production values and creativity in giving one’s product a competitive edge in the global market. Three major awards: Best in Design, Best in Quality, and Best in Innovation, will be presented with corresponding product categories. No product, no matter how good, ‘sells itself’. So, special awards will also be given in recognition of branding concept, stand design, the best collection, the best fashion component and environmental-friendliness.

Masahiro Yoshida, Managing Director of B.A.T. Co. Ltd. in Thailand earned a Best Design Award in the Footwear Category in March 2006. Like many past winners, receiving the award was a validation of his work. ‘I’m always trying to add value to our products, especially in its design. So this award is very important for me as it proved that there are people out there who appreciate and value my design. This award keeps me going forward with my design work and serves as an encouragement for me and my team.’

This season, the international judging panel will consist of several professionals from the industry. To name a few, it includes Ms. Sheila Cooke, Ms. Mary Yan Yan Chan, Mr. MD Sadiq, Mr. Olivier Guillemin, Ms. Agnes Kubiak, and specialists from the industry.

With accessories now playing such an important and profitable role in the wider fashion market, Fashion Access is an event not to be missed.