FGL International are a relatively new company but with a long history. They are the natural continuation of Figli di Guido Lapi SpA and are the product of more than 50 years of experience and quality, synthesising the results achieved by selecting elements handed down over a long period of evolution through supplying tanneries with chemical products and services with a high technology content.

Dynamic products, in-depth knowledge and a high level of innovation are what characterise FGL International’s high tech solutions.

FGL International create dedicated solutions which take into consideration the specific needs of leather manufacturers. The range of chemical products covers the entire spectrum of the production cycle, from the soaking to the dyeing and fatliquoring stages, both in vegetable and chrome tanning and the mixed tanning of all types of leather.

High technology, human resources, quality controls, continual research, a vocation for service and an awareness of environmental issues are the principles which FGL International is founded on. The main office and warehouse of FGL International are situated in Castelfranco di Sotto, very close to Santa Croce sull’Arno.

A well-equipped experimental tannery is situated at the same premises where qualified technicians operate and carry out the most diverse tanning, re-tanning, dyeing and fatliquoring processes with the target of constantly achieving new articles able to satisfy the needs of each client.

FGL International have a warehouse and technical service facilities located in the centre of the tanning area of Arzignano, in the province of Vicenza, northern Italy. Clients can use the experimental tannery and a technical staff who are higly specialised in the production of leather for upholstery, clothing, leathergoods and footwear.

FGL International have warehouse and technical service facilities in the tanning area of Solofra in the province of Avellino (Southern Italy). The technicians in Solofra are specialised in garment leather, goat and sheepskins and crossbreeds for shoe upper and leathergoods articles.

FGL International services

* Specialist technical advice on any type of production

* Chemical / physical lab assistance for clients

* Support of experimental tannery for clients

* Customer computer assistance on method of use of products and their specific applications.