The Balkan region has had a long history in manufacturing footwear but a famous Italian company is now putting an emphasis on it for a market too. Filanto Albania, part of the worldwide Gruppo Filanto have established a commercial office at their Tirana, Albania, manufacturing operation which will market their products in Albania and the newly emerging countries which made up the former Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia and the Kosovo region).

Giovanni Pellegrino, general manager of Filanto Albania, believes there are opportunities in the growing economies of these countries for the products of Filanto’s various brands including: Filograna, BKT, Filanto, and the licensed brand Michael Schumacher. ‘We will use Filanto’s production capabilities worldwide and work with our customer partners to supply them with the best products for their needs. The product range we offer covers such a wide variety of brands, styles, and price points that dealer acceptance has already been positive and our experience in merchandising will prove valuable in helping the product sell at retail’, said Pellegrino. ‘The purchasing power and consumption in this region is rising rapidly and customers are acquainted with famous brand names from television and fashion magazines. This market is ready for Filanto products.’

Gruppo Filanto employ over 6,000 workers around the world and produce more than 7.5 million pairs of shoes per year.

Further information is available by faxing Filanto Albania at: +355 48 202305.