The 28th edition of Fimec – international technology fair for the leather and footwear sectors – will take place from April 15-18, 2004, at the Fenac showgrounds in Novo Hamburgo in southern Brazil. Fimec is one of the biggest events for the leather-footwear sector and in April 2003 it attracted 1,030 exhibitors from 17 countries in the five continents. Almost 49,000 professions from around the world are said to have attended the fair. The bulk of these were from the footwear and accessories industries followed by those from the components and machinery sectors. Visitors came from 29 countries with the largest contingent coming from Argentina, followed by Italy and then Uruguay.

Fimec 2004 is expected to repeat the success of 2003 and 100% of the show space has already been sold. Considering that this year the fair will present another two pavilions, adding a further 37,900 sq m of exhibiton space, the organisers are hoping to top last year with around 1,070 exhibitors. According to Julio Seidl, president of Fenac SA, organisers of Fimec, more modifications are being implemented at the exhibition grounds and work is in hand to improve conditions such as air conditioning.

Fimec 2004 willpresent the added attractions of: Abrameq buyers’ project; Abrameq image project; Assintecal Vision Connection space; Assintical buyer’s project; Mix by Brazil organised by Assintecal; Fashion and technology on stage organised by Assintecal; CICB buyer’s project; Presentation of the colour swatch, fashion guide and 2004-2005 spring-summer trends salon by Abeca; Technologies for Comfort project, promoted by CTCCA.

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