French leather finishing chemical specialists, Saric, have introduced a number of water based finishing products to complement their existing range. Several of the new items are aimed at manufacturers of automotive and furniture upholstery leathers.

Sarfill 4130 is a compact wax aimed at filling grain defects on lower grade selections. Following application, the leather is polishable to provide a high surface finish. Sarfill 4130 is a natural filler, which allows the tanner to apply a finish afterwards. It is water based and can be applied on all leather types.

Sariwax 4118 is a wax designed to be used on leathers which require a burnished appearance. The water based product is particularly suitable for footwear upper and some garment leathers as it supplies a highly fashionable look.

GPC Binder 4109 is a compact binder that has good print retention properties. It is water based and is highly suitable for all types of furniture and automotive upholstery applications.

PU 4128 is a polyurethane binder designed specifically for automotive and furniture upholstery leather. It has good physical properties including excellent elasticity.

Filler Paste 4114 is a paste which is applied to damaged areas of hides or skins with a spatula. It allows the upgrading of lower quality leathers and covers faults. After application, the leathers are easy to buff and good finish adhesion properties remain.

Top PU 4072 is a glossy fixation compound based on polyurethane. It provides the final leather with a high surface shine and very good rub resistance. This product has good all round physical properties.

For further information visit [http://www.saric]