LANXESS have a number of new finishing products available:

Euderm Compact Fill 01 and Euderm Compact Fill 02 are aqueous preparations of fillers and additives in acrylic and polyurethane-based polymer dispersions as finishing auxiliaries for the application of stucco on leather. Euderm Compact Fill 01 and Euderm Compact Fill 02 are highly viscous pastes for the manual application of stucco on grain-damaged leather. The crust leathers can then be buffed thoroughly, thereby largely concealing the grain defects. Leathers with stucco containing Euderm Compact Fill 01 and Euderm Compact Fill 02 can be embossed successfully later on in the finishing process. Regular checks must be carried out to ensure good adhesion values and, if necessary, the finishing formulation must be adjusted.

Euderm Filler MM-C is a water-based matting agent for application in all aqueous base coat formulations, enhancing the surface uniformity and fullness of the finish. Beside the matting effect, Euderm Filler MM-C also improves the covering power of the base coat without loading the grain. Furthermore, it improves the embossing properties, obtaining an excellent print retention and improves the cut-through resistance of the base coat.

Eusin Emulsion EBN-C, Eusin Emulsion EDN-C, Isoderm Base FDN-C, Isoderm Base HGN-C, Isoderm LA 83-N-C, and Isoderm LA 85-N-C, are a range of ecologically-friendly top coats. The products are free of phthalate base plasticisers and APEO containing emulsifiers. Furthermore, the range contains Isoderm Lustre MGN-C and Isoderm Lustre TGN-C, ecologically-friendly top coats which are free of phthalate base plasticisers for solvent-based applications.

Hydrholac CR-5 is a polyurethane dispersion modified with an acrylic polymer. It is designed specifically for use in high-performance reactive top coats for upholstery leather. Formulated with polyisocyanate cross-linkers such as Aquaderm XL 50/XL 80 and the appropriate coalescent and surface touch modifiers, Hydrholac CR-5 will produce upholstery finishes with the noteworthy film formation, block resistance, and wear properties commonly associated with high-performance PUD finishes. It contains no N-methyl-pyrrolidone (NMP).

Hydrholac UD-3 is a dull, aqueous, NMP-free polyurethane dispersion designed for use as a matting agent in aqueous top coat systems for automotive and furniture leathers that require very good physical fastness properties. It has outstanding flow-out even at high add-on levels. Hydrholac UD 3 also possesses extremely low tack properties.

Hydrholac AD-1 (matt component) and Hydrholac CL-1 (gloss component) are aqueous acrylic dispersions which are particularly suitable for the finishing of automotive leathers with high physical fastness properties. Used mainly in top coats, they give a very pleasant surface touch, outstanding flexibility at low temperatures and resistance to abrasion and yellowing.

In addition, they have proven to be very suitable for anti-soiling finishes. Because of their good embossing properties, both products can also be included in base coats.

Primal Bottom NT is a water-based preparation of acrylic dispersions and a ready-to-use base coat compound for the finishing of furniture upholstery leather. Primal Bottom NT only requires the addition of pigments and, after a single spray or reverse coating, provides excellent coverage. It is possible to stack the leathers immediately after drying. It imparts excellent embossing properties, particularly on heavy leathers.

Primal X-Grade MP is a PUD/acrylic-based finishing product especially developed for the upgrading of low grade corrected grain leathers. It is applied in base coats in combination with conventional finishing products such as binders, auxiliaries and pigments or base coat compounds. Primal X-Grade MP develops its filling and upgrading power by the expansion of special incorporated auxiliaries under the influence of elevated temperatures in plating and/or embossing. Due to this expansion, defects like pinholes and scratches are perfectly blended in, resulting in a better yield, a more uniform embossing pattern and thinner finish layers.

Primal X-Grade FCF is a soft, high viscous preparation based on acrylic dispersions with special expandable auxiliaries. Primal X-Grade FCF is particularly suitable to cover grain defects in the finishing of full grain furniture and shoe upper leathers. It is applied in prebottoms and base coats by conventional application methods such as roll coating or spraying.

Primal X-Grade FCF upgrades the leathers during plating or embossing at a temperature of approximately 120°C. The resultant volume increase of pre-bottom or base coat is the cause for a significant improvement in selection.