Indofil Chemicals were the first Indian company to exhibit at Tanning Tech. At the show, the company launched three new resin binders, a polyurethane binder and a tanning auxiliary on the international market. The details of each new item are given below:

Indofil VM-36. It is a versatile medium-soft acrylic resin binder for leather finishing. The colourless liquid is an aqueous anionic dispersion with a medium-soft film hardness. It has excellent alkali and mechanical tolerance and has a pH of 7.6-8.6.

VM-36 is a general purpose aqueous dispersion with a neutral reaction. It does not thicken with ammonia and gives a well adhered finish. High plating temperatures can be used with this product.

It is freely miscible with all other general finishing materials and can also be used in intermediate or final pigment coats. Indofil VM-36 can used to make full grain leather as it has a low loading effect on the grain. It must be protected from freezing.

Indofil Super Microbinder 20. It is a microfine particle size resin emulsion that is preferably used on aniline and semi-aniline finishes on full grain leather as it has good adhesion. Being very fine, soft and stretchy, the handle of the leather remains very natural.

It has a solids content of 19.5-20.5% and a pH between 5.2-5.8. This product is anionically charged and is recommended to be added in the pigment coating for nappa, shoe leathers and the base coat for aniline articles. The natural character of the leather is retained with Super Microbinder 20 even on soft leathers such as garment nappa, upholstery and gloving leather.

Indofil Superbinder 100. An acrylic resin dispersion with a fine particle size. SB-100 has excellent filling and covering properties and can be used in the formulation of base coats and colour coats of full and corrected grain articles. The milky white emulsion has very soft and elastic film hardness and has a solids content of 35%. The pH is 6-7.

SB-100 has excellent physical characteristics such as high wet and dry flex, excellent print retention, good plate release, excellent cold crack resistance, good filling and outstanding adhesion on fully corrected grain leathers. It may be used as a soft component binder in the formulation of base coats such as sheepskin and cattle hide leathers.

Indofil UPU-41. An aqueous aliphatic polyurethane dispersion which produces a semi-soft film. The milky white liquid has a solids content of 40% and its viscosity at 25ºC is 300-1,000 cps. It is recommended as a basic resin for all kinds of leather finishing. When added, it notably improves the physical and chemical properties of the film. UPU-41 has a very tough film with low tackiness and good dry and wet flex resistance. It also has excellent scuff resistance and is crosslinkable. It can be used in the polish or seal coat or to season coat all types of leather, especially smooth upper, softie upper and bag leathers.

Indofil AA. It is a highly concentrated amphoteric dispersing tanning auxiliary. It is a powerful dispersing agent, detergent and grease emulsifier with a softening action. It is a compatible agent with chrome and for natural greases in the skin, giving a uniform distribution of the chrome in the tanning and retanning baths.

Indofil AA is also suitable in the pickle bath as well as the tan liquor as the detergent and grease dispersion properties allow a cleaner final leather. It is suitable for all leather types, giving a mellow and round feel. Indofil recommend this product for quick penetration and dispersion of concentrated extracts at low pH.

The amphoteric yellow-clear viscous liquid is completely soluble and is stable to acids, salts and alkalis. The pH (1:10) is 9-10 and it is compatible with anionic, non-ionic and cationic auxiliaries. It is stable in water at all pHs and is highly foaming in alkaline conditions.