Unprecedented wet and migration fastness properties are possible with Lugafast Black AN, the first reactive dye for leather which has been developed by BASF specifically for leather drum-dyeing applications. This revolutionary new dye comes after intensive research and is the subject of an 18-year patent.

Thanks to its chemical bonding ability, Lugafast Black AN irreversibly bonds to leather fibres and BASF say that never before has it been possible to obtain the perspiration and wash-fastness standards that Lugafast Black AN can now provide on both chrome and organically tanned leathers.

The leather colour simply won’t stain – whether directly onto skin or onto other surfaces such as textiles or plastics. With Lugafast Black AN it is now possible to create entirely new combinations with other materials, thus providing innovative design solutions and ingenious product variations.

* Excellent fastness properties prevent colours from staining while ensuring migration fastness.

* Colour will not transfer onto skin

* Perspiration resistant and wash-fast, improved rubfastness

* Colour will not transfer to other materials (eg textiles or plastics)

* Completely new combination possibilities with light-coloured materials

BASF have satisfied perspiration fastness according to DIN EN ISO 11641 with a bovine split suede shoe upper leather; wash-fastness 40°C according to DIN EN ISO 15703 on a full-grain lining shoe upper leather; and seawater fastness according to DIN EN ISO 105 E02 with a full-grain lining shoe upper leather.

Lugafast Black AN ensures top-quality full-grain and luxury fine leathers from a wide range of raw materials. Lugafast Black AN makes it possible to completely through-dye leather and leather dyeing processes requiring extremely deep colour tones can be performed – without tendency to bronzing.

With Lugafast Black AN, the leather grain is improved – especially in critical areas. Flaws in the grain, especially in the belly regions of the leather, are more even, providing improved surface quality yield. Leather dyeing with Lugafast Black AN ensures excellent grain consistency. It provides reliably good covering of blemishes and good grain strength; thus, thinner finishes are required. Leathers dyed with Lugafast Black AN are especially suitable for very elegant semi-aniline finishes.

They say the process is simply revolutionary because it’s revolutionary simple. The entire dyeing process is completed in a single-bath drum application. Lugafast Black AN requires no pre-dissolving. Neutralisation, dye penetration and fixation of the dye to the leather fibres are completed in one step. There is no danger of staining contact materials or skin during subsequent mechanical processing procedures, and there is no need to extensively clean machines before re-using them for lighter colour applications.

End uses are: high-quality, easy to clean clothing leather for all kinds of articles; shoe-upper leather for high-quality athletic footwear and unlined shoes; perspiration-resistant lining leather for shoes and garments; non-staining leather gloves; washable shoe upper and garment leather; perforated leather as well as nubuck and suede leather with excellent wet, rub, and migration fastness properties; and furniture and automotive upholstery leather.