The meeting began with two round tables on innovation and design, focused in the development of the sector. It brought together leather technicians from Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, along with representatives from Germany, Switzerland, Ecuador, Peru, United States and the UK.

During the conference there were also several initiatives for friendly environment processes to be applied in tanneries, and they discussed the major issues affecting the industry such as quality, increasing costs and access to raw materials.

Congress President, Ricardo Tournier, highlighted the success of the event, both in number of attendees and level of presentations.

He said, “The American Federation of Chemists and Technicians for the Leather Industry should be the platform to broadcast regionally innovative ideas, to help small and medium sized tanneries stay competitive. It should also promote greater openness of tanneries with greater contact and support from leather related academic institutes and colleges.”

Brazil will host the next FLAQTIC conference in 2015.