The build-up of excess material during spray finishing has often reduced the efficiency of spray cabinet finishing. French machinery manufacturers, Charvotronic, have devised the Flowscreen skimming kit for water curtain spray cabinets when using paints or lacquer solutions.

Flowscreen is positioned along side the spray unit and cleans the water used to scrub the cabinet during operation.

Wastewater passes through the largely stainless steel unit and the solids are screened-off while the clean water is recycled back into the spray line. Solids and sludge are collected through filter cloths.

Using Charvotronic’s Flow-screen system, spray cabinet wash water needs only to be replaced every 3-5 months, if kept topped-up, instead of a weekly change witnessed in most tannery spray finishing applications.

Water is delivered from Flowscreen using a self priming pump. Water containing flocculated sludges is directed into the screening tank where they are forced into a porous bag.