Oleoform-1005 is a special fatliquor from Fórmula Química, designed for vegetable tanned and semi-chrome leathers and suede. It imparts a special touch, softness and tear strength as well as special reactivity to wheel brushing at shoe factories.

Due to its molecular weight it has high penetration and is easily distributed among the collagen microfibres. It is a composition of natural phospholipids and natural fatliquoring oils combined with special surface active agents. The product is free from nonylphenol surface active agents.

The total amount for use ranges from 3-7% calculated on the weight of the wet hides. This product must be added straight into the drum, dispersed in water, in three additions. It is highly compatible with vegetable tanning agents which impart plasticity, flexibility and softness.

Oleoform-1005 is a clear dark brown viscous liquid with a characteristic smell. To emulsify, add to water at 60ºC and shake well.