The use of common cationic dye fixing agents for wet-white articles is, in most cases, not sufficient for the dye fixation, due to the highly anionic character of this kind of leather. Therefore, TFL have developed Sella fix WW, which is especially designed for wet-white leather fixation. It is very suitable for all kinds of articles where high wet-fastness properties are requested:

It creates additional binding sites for the dye and for anionic auxiliaries. Therefore, in terms of fixation, the character of wet-white becomes closer to wet-blue leather.

Sellafix WW considerably improves the fixation of anionic dyes on wet-white and chrome leather. This results in higher wet-fastness properties.

It improves the cross section fixation, which is very important for perforated leather articles with good fastness properties.

This new formaldehyde free fixing agent from TFL can even reduce the already existing formaldehyde content in the leather.

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