Four of Hong Kong’s talented fashion designers will show the many possibilities of leather in fashion at APLF 2003 Fashion and Finished Products April Show.

Members of the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association (HKFDA): Arthur Lam, Dorian Ho, Doris Lee and Rowena U have created garment collections which use leather in versatile and imaginative ways.

Buyers can see the collections presented on the catwalk during the Fashion and Finished Products April Show. The Hong Kong Trade Development Council will organise fashion parades in Hall 5 of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre at 2:15pm on 7th and 8th April to show off the local design talent which has been a fashion phenomenon not only in Hong Kong but overseas.

At Fashion and Finished Products April Show, the HKFDA booth will feature the designs and profiles of the four designers.

The flourishing of Hong Kong as a fashion design force is in no small measure due to the efforts of the HKFDA as well as government support. The Association was founded in 1984 by the first generation of Hong Kong fashion designers, many of whom now enjoy international renown. The Association seeks to promote Hong Kong’s fashion designers and the fashion industry in general. These broad aims encompass the nurturing of new-generation talent through various schemes and awards.

Arthur Lam

Toronto-trained Arthur worked for a number of international companies before starting his own business, Matador Couture, in 1995. As design director of the company, Arthur creates a number of collections, from ready-to-wear to couture evening wear under his various labels – Arthur Lam, Matador Couture and Matador Brides. Arthur is well established in the United States, Canada, Denmark, Australia and, most recently, the Chinese mainland.

Dorian Ho

From a family background of supplying high quality knitwear to international brands, Dorian majored in marketing in the United States and worked for the Australian label ‘Country Road’. Today he has his own label, ‘Doriano’, which is a force to be reckoned with in ladies’ fashion. His signature label, ‘Dorian Ho’, was launched last May and targets modern women with refined taste. It was been a great success in Australia, the United Kingdom, Dubai and Hong Kong and will soon expand to other markets around the world.

Doris Lee

After graduation in Los Angeles, Doris opened her own studio and launched her own brand, DEFY by Doris. She nurtures her brand on two levels, producing a Chic & Colourful line and a Conservative & Elegant line. In addition, she offers haute couture, distinguished by detailed beading and dimensional draping, to individual customers. Doris has a strong presence in many countries, including Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Chinese mainland and plans to expand in Europe, Dubai and the United States.

Rowena U

As well as vice chairman of HKFDA, Rowena is executive director and chief designer of GeRoyale Fashion Industries Limited. Her hallmarks are clean silhouettes, well-cut, simple yet fluid shapes. Her philosophy of innovative concept, feasible execution, alluring appearance and great comfort has enabled her to be successful in Japan for over 20 years and she is now developing a new label, ‘VISS’ – Vertical Integrated Specialty Scheme – to expand her business in the Chinese mainland. For Rowena, fashion design is an expression of art.