Marc Folachier will takeover as the new president of IULTCS, the International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies, from January 1, 2006, for a period of two years. This follows his election as a vice-president during the Mexico-Cancun congress in May 2003. Folachier, the CEO of CTC, France, was elected during the 28th congress in Firenze, Italy, which was held from March 9-12.

It will be the fourth time that the presidency will be French since 1948, when the first president, the Professor Chambard was elected. He was followed by Tapernoux (1965) and Vallet (1979).

Two major events will take place under Folachier’s presidency: the European Congress in Istanbul in May 2006 and the World Congress in Washington in June 2007. His nomination recognised the ‘French School of Leather’ and the activity of the AFICTIC (French Association of the Chemical Engineers and Technicians of the Leather Industry).