Klenzyme Ltd have won the Smart Award from the UK Department of Trade and Industry’s Small Business Service (SBS), which aims to encourage innovation in England.

Klenzyme were founded in June 2001 as a spin-off company from the University of Westminster and University College Northampton.

Their first products are a range of enzymes for use in cleaning dung from animal hides and skins, and for cleaning dung from animal housing.

For the purposes of the award, however, they will receive a government grant to produce a spray to remove pigeon droppings. The government grant has enabled them to appoint a technical assistant and carry out further studies into the feasibility of new products. Klenzyme are confident that the study will be finished by summer 2004.

Professor Christine Evans, managing director, said: ‘This is a product that everyone can relate to – everyone comes across messy bird droppings either on walls, statues, window or cars – an easy-to-use cleaning agent would make a big difference to many people.

This project would not have proceeded without the help of the Small Business Service.