The program states that outdated production techniques in the industry should be eliminated (those with poor effluent treatment facilities for example). Any tanneries with production below 30,000 pieces of cow or  equivalent will be closed completely and immediately.

Bizarrely, the statement says that tanners with drums with a size not larger 2.8 × 2.5 metres should be stopped production by January 1, 2012. Also, according to the requirement of the program, tanneries with a production less than 100,000 pieces of cow or equivalent per annum should be closed by January 1, 2012 and those with less than 300,000 pieces of cow or equivalent should be closed down by January 1, 2015.
The program also sets strict regulations on enterprises that illegally discharge pollutants, those tanneries would be forced to close if they were confirmed to deliberately violate the regulations.