With 90% of their production in samming and setting machines and over 30 years experience, Bauce are leaders in the technology. They hope to be ISO 9001 certified for processing and production in August.

However, Luca Bauce said that the company’s business mentality has had to change. This has occurred because while Bauce still sell new machines, to companies all over the world, they have started to buy back machines in part exchange and to recondition them for resale. This has been extended to reconditioning other companies’ machines.

Bauce thought this diversification was necessary because ‘raw material is expensive at the moment and this will probably lead to a fall in investment, especially in equipment such as samming and setting machines.’ Thus, reconditioning is another source of income.

With samming machines lasting for at least ten years and costing a large sum of money, companies will usually only buy when their old machines need replacing or when there is a considerable advancement in technology.

‘Improving the area yield is one way to improve production and, hence, profit margins’, Bauce said. To improve the area yield Bauce have introduced the PRC5 samming machine, which has five rollers and a new system for stretching the leather. This is a double stretching action that significantly increases the area.

With setting out machines, Bauce have developed a setting machine for post dyeing processing. The new stretching cylinder has a bigger diameter and increased speed ensures an increase in area yield. The company are co-operating with Cartigliano on a throughfeed machine, which includes vacuum drying, to keep the area gained through setting.

‘The machines are designed to meet the tanners’ requirements for reduced maintenance. They want their machines to work whether the bearings are covered in chrome liquor or just water. They demand quality in setting out that reduces the water content and, hence, means a reduced power bill for drying costs.

‘The future will be concerned with greater automation and particularly what goes around the machines in terms of stackers etc. Business for us is good enough to concentrate on samming and setting machines.’ Bauce said.