CTC Groupe, based in Lyon, France, are opening a new European agency in Frankfurt (Germany). CTC Germany will service their German-speaking clients, corresponding directly with the major German companies that market footwear, leathergoods, personal protection equipment and fashion accessories.

The CTC Groupe are a worldwide leader in consultancy, inspection and quality control for footwear and leathergoods.

CTC Germany are situated in the business district of Frankfurt, in the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce building. The fully operational business unit is directed by Dorit Kempken.

CTC Germany works in coordination with other CTC Groupe structures around the world, fostering the rapid communication and delivery of CTC Groupe’s global services:

* Physico-mechanical testing of shoes, leathergoods, luggage and gloves

* Chemical analysis of the same articles or their components (textiles, leather, plastics etc)

* CE marking of personal protective equipment for footwear and gloves

* Inspection of goods during manufacturing and of finished goods before shipping

* Factory and social audits in the production zones.

The CTC’s international development has grown throughout 2005 with the opening of new operations in Asia, the US and in Europe.

Following the opening of the CTC laboratory in Shanghai in February 2005, the CTC Guangzhou commercial unit in Canton in May and the second CTC structure in the US in Portland in July, the CTC Groupe are currently expanding their presence throughout Europe (France, Spain, Portugal and Germany).

Contact details are as follows: CTC Germany, Walter Kolb Straße 9-11, D 60594 Frankfurt, Germany. Tel: +49 699 621 760; fax: +86 20 81 21 62 28; email: ctcgermany@ctcgroupe.com; website: [http://www.ctcgroupe.com]