Nick Cory, director of the Leather Research Laboratory, presented a ground-breaking Leather Technology Seminar for Garden State Tanning (GST) in Hagerstown, Maryland. GST commissioned the training seminar as a key element of their new initiative to reinvent their approach to Total Quality Control.

The eight hour seminar covered the structure of hide and leather, leather manufacturing from beamhouse processing through finishing technology, dimensional stability in relation to cutting issues, and leather testing and specifications.

The seminar was presented twice, on two separate days, in order to accommodate more than fifty employees, including senior management, tannery production staff, research and laboratory personnel, and the sales team.

Participants from senior management included GST’s new ceo Mark Lecher (pictured, with Nick Cory), vice president of manufacturing Bill Dwyer, and director of technology Ricardo Lopez. GST has recently reorganised, and Mark Lecher described the seminar as a wonderful complement to his progressive staff development programme.